Defenders Inc.
An Indigenous Peoples Led Non Profit Organization

Tribes and Natures 



Indigenous Peoples Edcation

Indigenous Peoples Education is very significant to overcome the assimilation of the outsiders; promote their cultural identity; understand the modern world; protect their culture and tradition and defend their cultural heritage

Indigenous Peoples Health

Healthcare is very significant towards the unreachable tribes at the forest mountains who suffered health problems that leads them to death. Health Centers and Medicine Supplies are the solution for cultural survival.

Food Security-Agricultural Production

Food security is very important towards the tribal people at the forest to ensure their sustainable livelihood and consumption for cultural survival.

Food Security-Livestock Raising

Livestock Raising is important also as income generating project for the women  to support their daily living.

Environmental Health

Tribal People defend their survival at the forest, " Forest destruction is the tribal extinction"

Culture and Tradition

Protection, preservation, promotion and defending the culture and tradition are the identity of the tribal existence.


Peace building is important for peace among cultural diversity.